ROA in Mexico, Gambia and Cambodia (Brooklyn Street Art)

Brooklyn Street Art debuts ROA‘s exclusive pictures and observations made from his recent 2012 travels to three different continents. BSA describes him best as a “[Globetrotter] of the man-made world, [Listener] to the natural one.”

ROA revisits his trips to a variety of cities within Mexico, The Gambia, and Cambodia, sharing his own photos of his work, his thought process and how each painting reflects or tells a story of the town. He shares the experiences he had with each host country and unveils how mindful he is of his surroundings, “taking interest in what roams free on the ground. He asks about available walls and when possible, he selects a perfect one – the more imperfect the wall, somehow, the more perfect for him.”

Read the full article here and view more pictures after the jump!


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