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timelapse from New America Media on Vimeo.

Made by Cliff Parker

Above is a time-lapsed video of Amanda Marie‘s current mural in Myrtle Alley that she installed with the help of Hyland Mather via Hyland sent over his latest post which is full of photos documenting his trip with Amanda Marie through California, and we were happy to reap the benefits of their participation. Amanda Marie contributed several pieces to 941 Geary‘s group show While We Were Away: Curated by Tova Lobatz which we loved. The show features installations with mementos to explore each artist’s relationship with travel, and Hyland helped Amanda make hers especially memorable, suspending the suitcase with carefully tied string. The suitcase itself was filled with sticks that Amanda and Hyland acquired during their trip and used to inscribe words in the landscape. Read the blogpost to hear more about their road-trip down scenic Highway 1, which included marine life, found art, and detours to California’s historic sites.

While We Were Away, A Group Show Curated by Tova Lobatz
On view now through March 2nd, 2013
@ 941 Geary

View more photos from the post.

Amanda Marie “Faith is Delicious”

Amanda Marie and Hyland Mather "Aloha"
Hyland Mather and Amanda Marie “Aloha”

Hyland Mather and Amanda Marie “Aloha”

Justin’s ride: Decorated by many artists

Amanda Marie’s new mural in Myrtle Alley outside the back of 941 Geary Gallery


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