Can I sell liquor on eBay?

Auction sites like eBay are fantastic for selling interesting things, trinkets and the like. Can I sell liquor on eBay?

What do you need to consider before selling your wine?

First of all, there are legal obstacles to overcome: first of all, it will be very difficult to sell wine without permission to drink alcohol. You also have to review all other legal rims to ensure that the person receiving the bottle is over 18 years old.

If you sell a bottle or case of wine online, you also need to think about how you will get it to the buyer. You can simply sell to people who live locally, who can come and pick them up in person, but this severely limits the potential buyers you can reach.

Offer it to everyone, regardless of distance, and you’ll have to pack it and send it by courier to your destination. Each courier has different rules for carrying alcohol and liquids, but you can pay a premium to guarantee the safe delivery of fragile glass bottles, and also pack really well to avoid breakage.

What are the alcohol selling guidelines on ebay?


  • Beer / wine making kits
  • Foods with alcoholic ingredients and flavors (such as chocolates, liqueurs and other products), as long as the product complies with our nutrition policy
  • Hops, hop seeds and other raw materials for the production of beer or wine


  • Empty bottles and alcohol containers (pictures on the list must show that the product is empty)
  • Non-alcoholic wines may be listed in the Wines category (by pre-approved sellers)
  • Wines listed in accordance with our policy
Can I sell liquor on eBay?

Not allowed

  • Alcoholic products other than previously approved sellers
  • Alcohol licenses
  • Non-alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer
  • Other alcohols listed in the Wine category
  • Wine listed outside the approved wine category

Can I sell my alcohol through eBay Australia?

The answer is yes, but only with a license for alcohol.

  • The sale of alcohol in Australia in any way requires a valid alcohol license specific to your sales platform (i.e. Online or in person) and your status in accordance with federal law.
  • eBay Australia has a strict alcohol policy that advises on several key issues if you are going to sell your wine through their website:
  • You must include your current alcohol license in your offer to be approved by eBay as a valid seller. To be able to sell wine legally, you must send a copy of your license for review by their administration team, otherwise your list will be deleted and you may be punished.
  • You must comply with your country’s laws regarding the sale of alcohol – they will vary from state to state, and it is the seller’s responsibility to investigate all legal restrictions in their part of the country.
  • The seller must attach clear instructions regarding the refusal to sell and supply alcohol to minors (under 18 years of age).
  • You can only offer domestic shipments (shipping within Australia, sales are not allowed in other countries) and you cannot send alcohol to national dry restricted areas.
  • Even if you have gone through the process of collecting information about wines for sale via eBay, the company will delete your post without proper legal documentation and reservations.


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