How does car insurance deductible work?

Whether you want to save a few bucks on your insurance premium or you want to reduce your risk out of your pocket in the event of an accident, it’s important to understand how the deductions work. How does car insurance deductible work?

How do the car insurance deductions work?

Unlike health insurance, there are no annual deductions to meet when it comes to auto insurance. You are responsible for the established tax deductible cost each time you submit an application. For example, if you add your car, the insurer will pay a fee for the current value of the vehicle minus the deduction. If your car is worth USD 35,000 and your tax deductible cost is USD 1,000, the insurer will pay you USD 34,000.

On the other hand, if the damage to your vehicle is $ 800 and your tax deductible cost is $ 1,000, then the insurer will not pay anything because they only cover damage exceeding your tax deductible cost.

Comprehensive and collision insurance are the two most common insurances that include deductions. In some states, you may also be entitled to a deduction for protection against injury or uninsured / uninsured damage to driver property. The deductions work exactly the same for all ranges.

What type of insurance does not require a deduction?

The deduction does not apply to liability insurance. If you harm people or their property, this type of protection protects you. If you are found guilty of an accident, civil liability insurance covers personal injury and material damage up to the limit or limit of the policy.

How does car insurance deductible work?

What deductions should I choose for car insurance?

The deductible amounts are usually between 100 and 2000 USD. The most common deduction that our drivers choose is 500 USD, but know that choosing a deduction is never a bad thing. It all comes down to what you like:

  • Higher deductible = lower car insurance rate and higher pocket costs
  • Lower tax deductible = higher car insurance rate and lower pocket costs

Choose the right amount, but always consider the value of your vehicle. For example, if your car is only worth $ 1,200, there is probably no point in choosing a $ 1,000 deduction. Also make sure you can afford a deduction for your claim.

How does the amount deducted affect the amount of the stake?

According to, the deductible amount you can deduct directly affects the amount you are going to pay for the insurance policy. You can expect a lower premium when you have a high deductible. This number is part of the insurance company’s liability for the claim, so if you agree to pay more out of your own pocket, the insurance company will not have to spend that much after the accident.



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